The Compliance team at the FBDC aims to assist small business owners in understanding and implementing rules. Compliance tracks recent changes in government guidelines. The team is split into three subcommittees: Federal, NY State, and NYC regulations. The committee members closely follow updates in their respective areas and notify our clients with relevant and crucial information. Specifically, the members research the steps, estimated time length, and intermediaries necessary to submit applications and make claims.

Areas of Specification

Federal Regulations

Curious about Federal Regulations affecting your business? Check out the Federal Regulations team!

NYC Regulations

Not sure if you are up to date on the latest regulations in NYC? Check out the NYC Regulations team!

NY State Regulations

Wondering what NY State Regulations you should be aware of? Check out the NY State Regulations team!

The Director of Compliance is Aria Lugo! Learn more about her here.

Aria Lugo


Fordham College at Lincoln Center | Class of 2021

Political Science and Humanitarian Studies Double Major 

ā€œIā€™m glad to be a Director at the FBDC because it gives me the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the Bronx community. Particularly during the stressful times of COVID-19, I am happy to provide local businesses with free support. I am happy to be a resource for others and share my expertise and knowledge!ā€