The FBDC’s NY State Regulations subcommittee specializes in monitoring state guidelines. This team works closely with our clients to keep them updated on changes and notify them with potential concerns and ensure that they are remaining in compliance with state laws and regulations. Furthermore, this subcommittee helps our clients with applications for state certifications and permits by researching and streamlining information on the application process.

The Manager of NY State Regulations is Kiara Norris. Learn more about her here!

Kiara Norris


Fordham College of Rose Hill | Class of 2022

Political Science Major with Minors in Business Administration and Mandarin Chinese

“I love that the FBDC, at its core, seeks to build connections between Fordham and the neighborhood in which we reside. I think the work that the FBDC does in assisting small businesses in the Bronx is such an impactful and meaningful experience for both Fordham students and business owners. As a student on a pre-law track, I hope to help aide small businesses with my growing knowledge on areas within the realm of compliance.”