The FBDC’s NYC Regulation subcommittee specializes in NYC guidelines. This team stays up to date on the latest NYC ordinances, to provide current information to our clients as needed. Furthermore, this subcommittee helps our clients maintain compliance with city regulations and consult with local businesses on ways to improve and adapt during this uncertain time.

The Manager of NYC Regulations is Hugo Triplett. Learn more about them here.

Hugo Triplett


Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill | Class of 2022

Major in Finance with a Philosophy Minor

“Fordham’s motto of homines pro allis (men and women for others) is something that resonates with me and led me to seek a role with the collaboratory. I now lead a team of students focused on the rapidly changing New York City regulations for small businesses. My interest in law is what brought me to the Compliance Team, where I am currently helping a Bronx charity achieve 501(c)(3) status.”