The resources made by the FBDC are the product of the Communications team collaboration with and the Compliance, Finance, Marketing, and Web Development teams. Together, the FBDC is working hard to create a hub of resources in the form of infographics, reports, and videos that cover key aspects of business that can lead to success and growth. Some key focuses of the resources being made are web development, social media, and research.

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The Communications team, at the FBDC, handles internal and external communication, outreach to clients and alumni, and engagement with the Fordham community. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the Fordham Business Development Collaboratory has a strong network of capable individuals that can best assist our clients in all of their needs. Together, the FBDC is working hard to create a hub of resources in the form of infographics, reports, and videos that cover key business-related topics that can lead our clients towards success and growth.

Full pages coming soon! In the meantime, reach out to fbdc@fordham.edu with any questions!

Student Outreach

Interested in becoming a member of the FBDC? Reach out to fbdc@fordham.edu

Internal Operations

This team handles internal programming, social media efforts, and strategy.

Client Relations

Learn about client intake process, client-to-organization expectations, and our scheduled areas of availability.

Spanish Translator

Calling all Spanish-speaking students! We need YOU to help us continue being a bilingual organization.

The Director of Communications at the FBDC is Marisa Garvin. Learn more about her here and how communications helps with resources!

Marisa Garvin


Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill |Class of 2023

Business Admin Major with Marketing, Communications, & Media Management Concentrations, & Psychology Minor

“At the FBDC we have a chance to use what we’ve learned in school to help make a positive impact in the Bronx and support business owners in need during the Pandemic. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with my Fordham peers and a plethora of clients to both enhance my own education and give back to Bronx business owners.”

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