The FBDC’s Information Systems Team offers research on data collection and analytics to clients. Furthermore, this team focuses on the development of databases and how to process data into analytics. These analytics then help small businesses gain valuable insights on their business. Survey development and data processing are leading focuses, for example, in ways that this team can help gather insights. Our I.S. team hopes to better small businesses in terms of client and supplier communications, product engagement, organizational management, and more.

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The Manager of Information Systems at the FBDC is Alison Wang. Learn more about her here!

Alison Wang


Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center | Class of 2024

Global Business Major and a Digital Media and Technology Concentration

“I believe that small businesses are the backbone of the Bronx, so I feel impelled to contribute to a community that has already supported me so much. When I joined the FBDC, I had little to no knowledge on I.S. or web development, so I am incredibly grateful to serve a team where I’m constantly learning from everyone. I hope my commitment to a standard of transparency and excellence is an asset to clients.”