The FBDC’s Loan Financing subcommittee specializes in researching and consolidating information on different types of loans and loan programs. This team works with clients to present their recommendations and walk them through some steps they need to take. This subcommittee strives to give our clients assistance in sourcing available financing options. Loan Finance seeks to expedite the process of uncovering details regarding interest rates, maximum loan sizes, and other conditions.

Managers of Loan Financing

The manager of Loan Financing is Nathaniel Medina

Nathaniel Medina

Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill

Class of 2022

Applied Accounting and Finance Major with a Philosophy Minor

“As students coming to the Bronx for an academic experience, we should also acknowledge the responsibility we have to contribute to the community. The FBDC allows me to contribute to Bronx small businesses, and provide a resource for them. The brainpower of the Fordham student population can provide creative answers to the biggest problems that the Bronx small business network faces, and I want to grab the bull by the horns and put blood, sweat, and tears into the work I provide to our clients.”

The Manager of Loan Financing is Phillip Wang

Phillip Wang

Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill

Class of 2021

Finance Major

“The pandemic has exposed so many problems in our society, such as systematic inequality, political instability, and a number of other things. After witnessing all this, I felt a strong desire to help my community in any way I could and the FBDC has been an amazing organization to focus my efforts on. I get to lead a team and find creative solutions for small restaurants in NYC who have taken the brunt of the pain of this Pandemic.”