The FBDC’s Social Media subcommittee researches and observes ongoing social media trends. By best understanding different industries, age groups, and platform trends, this subcommittee is able to look at a businesses’ Instagram or Facebook analytics and give effective feedback to our clients. This subcommittee also conducts social media audits specific to clients’ existing accounts and offers implementation suggestions to improve their online presence through a marketing lens. Overall, this group strives to give effective advice to small businesses to boost their social media presence and overall brand awareness.

Nora Pergolini


Fordham College Rose Hill | Class of 2022

Communications Major and Marketing Minor

“FBDC gives us the unique opportunity to use skills and knowledge we’ve learned in the classroom to uplift our local Bronx community. I’m excited to lead the social media team once again and help Bronx small businesses grow their business through various digital platforms. I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished thus far, and I am eager to work with more clients this year.”