The Web Development team, at the FBDC, aims to help small businesses grow their online presence and inform them on the latest technology information. The team is split up into three different subcommittees that assist in different web and tech development areas. The first team is Information Systems, which helps small businesses run more effectively by the use of data collection and processing. Some focuses of the I.S. team, for example, are on survey development and data visualization. The second team is Site Development, which works on designing and building new websites for small businesses. The third is Web Consulting that works with existing websites to look at SEO and ways to improve UX/UI. The Web Dev team strives to help businesses become more prominent on the web and technologically savvy.

Areas of Specification

Information Systems

Interested in learning more about specific areas of I.S.? Check out the Info Systems team to see how they can help grow your business!

Site Development

Want to build a website for your small business? Struggling with SEO and web design? Check out the web development team!

Web Consulting

Wondering how user friendly your website is? Want to know if your value proposition is clear to consumers? Check out the Web Consulting team!

Check out our Web Development Resources!

List of ServicesClient Expectations

The Director of Web Development is Jules Herms. Learn more about her here!

Jules Herms


Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill | Class of 2021

Marketing Major with a Secondary Concentration in Information Systems and Visual Arts Minor

“After living in the Bronx the past few years, I see the FBDC as a way to help build lasting relationships between the members of the University and local businesses. I am very excited to connect with an array of small businesses and share my knowledge on marketing and web development. I hope to make a positive impact in the community and help businesses grow in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.”