The Marketing team at the FBDC works to increase brand awareness and raise the value proposition of small businesses in the Bronx. The team is split into three subcommittees that assist in three major areas of marketing concentration. The first is the Branding team that conducts audits and recommendations of branding materials such as logos, color palettes, brand fonts, and graphics. The second is the Market Research team that conducts research based on local zip codes, target markets, industry, and current market trends to share with our clients. The third is the Social Media team that looks at current media trends and small business media analytics to help generate more effective marketing strategies.

Areas of Specification


Want to better develop your brand? Wondering how you are being received by your consumers? Check out the Branding team!

Market Research

Do you know your target market? More importantly, do you understand their behaviors? Check out the Market Research team!

Social Media

Is Instagram and Facebook just not your thing? Do you understand social media analytics? Check out the Social Media team!

List of ServicesClient Expectations

Directors of Marketing

Haley Ledford

Fordham College at Rose Hill

Class of 2022

Journalism Major with a Marketing Minor

The FBDC not only gives me the opportunity to cultivate my marketing skills, but also allows me to connect with the Bronx community. As a Director of Marketing at the FBDC, I am able to offer tangible assistance to various businesses recovering from COVID-19 or those looking to grow their digital marketing presence. By providing these services, I get to be part of the growing impact that Fordham’s student body has on some local Bronx businesses.”

Kelly Mahaney

Gabelli School of Business

Class of 2022

Business Administration major with concentrations in Social Innovation, Consulting, and Management

“I first joined FBDC to gain consulting experience over the summer, and it has turned into one of the best opportunities and organizations that I have been a part of, allowing me to develop my problem-solving skills while also collaborating with members of the Bronx community.”