The Finance team, at the FBDC, is dedicated to helping our clients in financial matters and giving them access to tools that enhance performance. The team is split into three subcommittees that assists in three main areas of Business Development. The first is Loan Financing, in which we help evaluate and inform clients on their options for loans as well as the options to go about applying for them. The second being Performance Management, in which we aid in the creation and review of financial statements and risk management. The third is Strategy, in which we aid in the creation of Business Plans as well as overall strategic planning on the business unit level.

Areas of Specification

Loan Financing

Trying to combat COVID-19 with loans? Get in touch with the Loan Financing team!

Performance Management

Want help with your financial statements? Check out the Performance Management team!


Looking to the future and wanting to develop a plan? Get in touch with the Strategy team!

The Director of Finance is Emily Benevento. Learn more about her here!

Emily Benevento


Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill | Class of 2021

Business Administration Major with a Primary Concentration in Consulting and a Secondary Concentration in Business Law and Ethics

“I think The Bronx Community is great place to go to school and learn. I want to help make Fordham a more welcoming place for the community and think the FBDC is a great start. It is so incredible and rewarding to get to work with driven business owners first-hand and learn from each other.”