The FBDC’s Branding subcommittee strives to help businesses solidify their brand identities’ to improve their marketing efforts. With an eye for design, this subcommittee conducts audits of current branding materials, such as logos and color palettes, and offers ways to improve upon, and implement these strategies into marketing materials. This team also offers branding suggestions to companies who are rebranding or still establishing a brand identity. 

The Manager of Branding is Kelly Mahaney. Learn more about her here!

Kelly Mahaney

Manager of Branding

Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill| Class of 2022

Business Administration Major, Dual Primary Concentration in Marketing and Social Innovation, and Secondary Concentration in Consulting

” The FBDC has given me the opportunity to combine my interest in business operations with my passion for creating a positive social impact. I love working side by side with small businesses in the Bronx-Belmont neighborhood because it allows us students to turn our skills into actions by helping as well as learning from each of our clients.”