The FBDC’s Site Development team is dedicated to helping small businesses take the beginning steps in creating their new website. Our team focuses on collaborating with clients to conceptualize a design layout, help structure pages within the site, and provide digital marketing resources that will inform clients on the use of E-Commerce, visual layouts, and other important site elements. Together, the Site Development team will help small businesses create their unique online platform to increase sales, cater to specific consumers, and express their company mission.

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Allison Nguyen


Gabelli School of Business | Class of 2024

Finance Major and Physics Minor

“The small businesses within the Belmont community bring life and innovation to the neighborhood. As a Fordham student who is now part of this community, I believe it is our mission to support the community during these difficult times and bridge the gap that divides us. I’m excited to bring to the FBDC my marketing and website development skills to assist small businesses in creating a unique online presence.”