As an organization, we strive to not only uplift the Bronx community but also seek to create opportunities for students to gain externship experience and expand their network. Below, we have outlined various details on the member experience, as well as how to apply and join our community.

More About Student Work

The Member Experience

At FBDC we believe in using our skills to benefit the community we have all learned to call home: The Bronx. When you join FBDC as a student, you become a Research/Business Analyst. As an Analyst, you take part in team training and focus on creating informational material for our clients. You have the chance to get your work highlighted on our Social Media pages and published on our website. From there, you have the ability to move up within our organization, working with clients and leading projects.

Team Responsibilities

We have weekly, virtual team meetings as well as monthly general team meetings to bring our entire staff together. Staff members are expected to attend a majority of team meetings and contribute to our team Resource Reports. We also host speaking events, alumni panels, and webinars for our staff that we encourage all to attend.

Our Community

Despite being virtual due to the pandemic, the FBDC strives to foster a welcoming and warm environment. We hope to bring together a diverse set of students passionate about helping others and making valuable connections. We plan to build our community through our weekly meetings, virtual programming, and training sessions.

Operational Roles

The Operational Team at FBDC handles internal and external communication, outreach to clients and alumni, and engagement with the Fordham community. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the Fordham Business Development Collaboratory has a strong network of capable individuals that can best assist our clients in all of their needs. Members have the opportunity to take on these internal roles alongside their client-facing team or as their primary focus. For interest in any of these roles, please email with the subject line “Interest in Operations Team.” We hope you join us to make sure the FBDC has a lasting impact!

Owen Crann


Gabelli School of Business | Class of 2023

Business Administration Major; Concentrating in Finance and Business Law and Ethics. 

“I joined FBDC to be part of a dedicated, driven, and hardworking network of Fordham students who want to make a difference in the Fordham community as well as the overall Bronx community. At Fordham, we are always encouraged to engage with our local communities, and this organization represents the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Mallory Clarke


Gabelli School of Business Class of 2023

Information Systems Major and Economics Minor

“I joined FBDC to be part of a group that helps serve and support the Bronx community. FBDC is a great way for me to connect with students that share similar interests and apply the business and communication skills I have learned while at Fordham.”